Tao of Badass Review 2015 – Does It Really Work?

The Tao of Badass is a dating and socializing program developed by an expert in the field of cross-gender relations named Joshua Pellicer. Joshua Pellicer, spent many years studying about how to date and socialize with females and tried testing those advice in the real world. He created a brutally Effective Dating system after years of research and study on the topic. Joshua was very successful in his endeavours and got what he wanted.

He managed to build a fail-proof system. This system he named the Tao of Badass. The concept got very popular amongst the masses was a smash hit ever since its invention. The Tao System of badass book is popularly known as The Tao of Badass review pdf distributed by Joshua Pellicer. In his book, Pellicer imparts seduction tips and approaches to men.

Tao of Badass ReviewWhat is Tao of Badass?

The Tao of Badass review program is a package of training videos, many audio tips and an ebook. The user may ask for direct coaching from the author as well, but is a very expensive option. The Tao of Badass review ebook is available in pdf format consisting of 152 pages divided into 10 modules. The first 10 pages in the ebook introduce the concept and the last numerous pages describe the conclusion. There are some important modules in between the introduction and conclusion pages.

The main topics in the ebook package that have been elaborated in detail are as mentioned below:

  • Introduction
    The module of course, is a foundation to the course. It is not very long and it explains how a man turns into a full badass with hot girls and the further analysis of the book.
  • The Gender Roles
    The Gender Roles module describes the link between seduction and the importance of gender initiatives. The author exposes the secret why an attractive woman likes to make a boyfriend who is decisive, sensible, and highly confident.
  • Understanding Confidence
    The Understanding Confidence module explains how a man can build his confidence that maximum number of women like to see. A step by step guide on developing the confidence to overcome all situations is taught in this module.
  • The Approach
    In the approach module, the author gives the account of why men hesitate to approach women and the possible actions which they can follow to build attraction. The approach section explains guys how to handle the fear of rejection. In the how to approach module, author teaches guys the right ways to do the right things and what to keep away in front of hot gals.
  • Testing Time For You
    The testing module comprises of just 6 pages and is the shortest module in the guide. The testing module teaches that the user must pass in all tests of approaching and the ladies would not accept him if he fails anywhere. The testing is a subconscious process and most of the women are even not aware about it. It is necessary for the men to pass all the tests put forth otherwise they would fail to get their girl.
  • The Tao System
    The Tao System module is the lengthiest module in the package. It is comprised of 28 full-length pages dedicated to the seduction methods. The module contains all the strategies, tips and techniques that one should learn to become a seduction king.
  • Reading Body Language
    The seventh module of the Tao of Badass course is on the body language. This is also quite a lengthy module of the course that is comprised of over 25 pages focussed on the particular topic. The module teaches that the ability to comprehend a lady’s body language is dependent upon good communication. The module teaches the top 10 signs of attraction that are sure to gather the attention of girls subconsciously.
  • Creating Love
    This is the eighth module of the course and is based on creating love. This is deemed to be the most important section of the Tao of Badass course. The module is devoted to instructing both men and women to produce the emotional attraction and make sure they enjoy a Happy Dating Life.
  • The Big Mistakes Men Make
    This module of the course focuses on the main mistakes that men make. It teaches how to avoid the common mistakes that majority men do while approaching their lady. The author explains that even just one mistake can be detrimental in their goal of getting the woman they desire.
  • Ebook Conclusion
    It is the final module of the Tao of Badass course. The author provides a fitting conclusion to his book.

More about the program?

Tao Of Badass ReviewsThe Tao of Badass course is the guide which teaches about the body language. The guide explains the correct body language which a guy should keep while communicating with a woman. Further, the guide mentions that a guy should change the body language according to the sort of women they want.

The guide teaches a man how to properly maintain eye contact while interacting with women. The tips taught in this course are not new to most people but are given in a simple way that is easy to understand. Pellicer has maintained a great flow of language that makes his readers addicted and eager to know more secrets.

Joshua Pellicer in his book, the Tao of Badass has revealed that the most important ability for attracting women is confidence. He has given all the necessary tips to raise one’s confidence levels which will make the guys feel more comfortable while interacting with ladies.

Pellicer has also given the 4 sub-stages of man-woman relationship that are viz., gaining trust, building confidence, getting attraction. But, he has maintained that the most important sub-stage involves getting the girl in bed. Joshua Pellicer has explained each and every step in this guide in a detailed and easy to understand way.

The Tao of Badass is basically all about attraction and its main purpose is to transform the user into a girl catching Badass. The majority of the course is divided into key 3 parts that are as mentioned below:

1. How to Become an Attractive Man

The Tao of Badass, firstly introduces the concept that is Badass. According to Pellicer, a Badass is a person who can be the perfect ladies’ man. In this part, the author explains what exactly women are attracted to and gives tips to become that sort of man. The first part teaches the users the exciting science behind male-female gender roles. It emphasizes the vitality of embracing the user’s manhood.

The next chapter in the Tao of Badass course is focussed at boosting the user’s confidence levels.According to the author, most women want those men whose confidence levels are extremely high. Pellicer emphasizes strongly on becoming confident and thus, provides vital tips for being one. He also gives tips on self-belief techniques that help in raising one’s self-esteem and become more attractive.

2. The Step-By-Step Guide for Picking up Girls

Pellicer in his book Tao of Badass points out about approach anxiety that is a type of shivering fear found in most guys caused before meeting the girl of their dreams.

He discloses some great practices to re-wire the user’s psychological conduct and free him from approach anxiety forever in his life. It really is a fabulous method. In this method, the correct approach of proposing a girl is taught and chances of getting discarded are minimized.

After the user is well-versed with the approaching techniques, he is ready to learn about the method called as map of interaction. It is the Tao of Badass’ detailed method instructing how to pick up girls.The map of interaction is constructed of 4 phases:

  • Attraction
  • Rapport
  • Seduction

3. Relationship Balance

The author has talked about a Matrix and says that ultimate success is achieved by those who are able to see the matrix. According to him, that man is successful who is able to see the phase of the map of interaction in which he himself lies. The man who knows about that phase can easily find the way where he should go next.

4. Understanding body language to know if a girl likes you

In this segment the user is made aware of the distinction between positive and negative body language and the way the user can efficiently apply the right body language. The user who takes this course would be made aware and trained so efficiently that he would develop a new sense of how to spot the girls who like him. Finally, the users’ would get a fully detailed description of the term that is widely used in the book which is badass.

Pros : The Tao of Badass

There are a many positive facts that about the Tao of Badass review guide. The users that have already used this guide have been satisfied to the fullest and have posted positive reviews on its webpage.

Tao-of-Badass reviewThe guide reveals samples of the many gender roles man plays and the way a person brings the right or wrong individuals into their lives. All the instructions and techniques mentioned in this course are nicely presented attractively penned and are very rich in information on the topic. The guide properly teaches users exactly how all women are attracted and what they look for in a man.

The guide is much more than just a humble pdf book. The Tao of Badass review also contains videos, direct coaching from Joshua Pellicer himself and a classy members’ area where users can meet other members living in their area and do much more. The program book is also available in audio format. The audio commentary is great, and users can listen to it from just about anywhere and anytime and try out some tips instantly.

The guide also offers 6 bonuses that include online videos on mastering Human Body Language and also 3 free bonus books. The Body Language Mastery video series is an excellent one and consist of vital info for guys. Pellicer has also mentioned certain common sense approaches that are very interesting. In actuality, a Badass is a guy who is just opposite to a self-centred jerk.

He is the guy who does everything right. The best part about this guide is that it covers each and every topic which is important to be successful. It provides abundant topics on the skill of building social relationships with any girl. Pellicer’s guide teaches all the steps that are required to bring the girl in bed. The users who sincerely follow his tips and techniques are sure to see great improvement in their personal and dating life.

Cons : The Tao of Badass

Although, the Tao of Badass is a great method for young men to seduce girls and enhance their overall personality, but still has a few drawbacks that include:

  • The content is a bit on the lengthier side and includes 150 pages in aggregate. The Audio Book version is a better choice to keep for those who do not enjoy reading much.
  • No doubt that the tips and technique described by Joshua Pellicer are really powerful and relevant but these do not seem to work on females that are shy or nervous. Pellicer’s strategies cannot be applied on such girls and hence they do not work.

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There aren’t many drawbacks of Pellicer’s Tao of Badass besides these three and is a very useful dating guide.


Joshua Pellicer’s dating guide, the Tao of Badass scores very nicely on educating seduction tips and techniques. According to many Tao of Badass review of those who have used it is overall a good option for the money involved, but price is a little high considering its’ an ebook. The critics have given the course 9.5/10 and claim that its’ positives are far more than the negatives.

In the review above almost all of the positive points and also the negative points have been thoroughly examined. For those who may still think is it worth to go for, it is suggested that the guide is definitely worth trying out because throughout professionalism and skills have been imparted in the course. The total package value of the system could have been costlier by 5 times, but the current prices are reasonable enough.

  1. Daniel Spencer says:

    It is a fair system and it is not just a system for dating or picking up any girl. what I think is that The Tao of Badass system is nice and truthful for any sort of relationship. It is a great resource that can be used as a long lasting resource. :)

    • Mark Collins Mark Collins says:

      Hello Daniel
      Thank you for your response. By the response of your others will find out that how worth the guide is. :)

  2. Joseph Shepler says:

    Unluckily most of the time, our words are not in order to our body language. Tao of Badass can literally help us to line up our body language to our words. It’s important that they are coherent. This program really works!!

    • Mark Collins Mark Collins says:

      Hello Joseph
      Tao of badass guide not only teach boys how to get the girls. In fact, it also teach them how to treat them nicely. So body language is one of the primary issue which have to be fixed.
      Thank you for your response.

  3. Fernando Burnett says:

    The practice on confidence building is not easy to do. You have do a lot of practice to “submit” a new belief.Still, I’m working on it to gain that confidence which is described in the guide.

    • Martin Johnson says:

      Seems like you are on your right way to change your belief system. Keep it up!!
      I’m also working on it as well. Yes, I do agree that it’s a simple system but it takes a lot of practice.

  4. Willie Free says:

    Thanks for your review on the Tao of Badass. Finally, I found a writeup worth thinking about. I have been reading about this guide on other sites but I could not really find out any logical need for it. The rest of the other sites I’ve been on. They just don’t give any information regarding the Tao Of Badass. Thanks for all the information and the special discount link you provided.

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